Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Surviving Two Fender Benders & Nursery Pics!

Drew will hopefully be here in less than 6 weeks and today I finished the nursery. The final pieces, our bedding, came in from mellissasboutique on Etsy!   

Here is a link to view photos of Drew's nursery. I enjoyed putting all the pieces together and we're so thankful that Jason's parents gave us the furniture, my mom the rocking chair & my dad the bedding! 

Last week was one for the record books. On Saturday, May 5th (I could have really used a margarita on this Cinco De Mayo) we were rear ended as we exited off the interstate heading home. The impact was not too bad. The damage to my car was minimal. Jason was driving & saw the lady about to hit us. I was caught off guard so my neck experienced some whiplash. 

But I couldn't feel Drew. And he was just going bizerk in my tummy cause I drank coffee. 

I called the doctor on call after 20 minutes of not feeling him and she said that anytime you are in an impact accident you need to go to the hospital to be monitored. 30 minutes after the wreck I finally felt little Drew kick. Praise the Lord! As soon as we were able to leave the scene, we headed to the hospital in hopes I would only need to be monitored for 4 hrs. Funny thing is we were supposed to tour the hospital the following Monday but we ended up getting a hands on tour instead. :) 

4 hrs turned into 24 hrs. 

Drew and I were/are perfectly healthy, but I had a small contraction that I didn't even feel and some irritability so they wanted to keep me overnight. I was put on a liquid diet in case Drew decided to come early. I had 3 Popsicles & chicken broth for dinner and breakfast. Let's just say this pregnant lady was HUNGRY! 

After a rough night of little sleep for Jason and I (guess it's good practice for the future ;) I finally saw the doctor on call and they let me have solid food again! It had been almost 24 hrs since I had a meal. We made it home at 4:30 PM that Sunday and got in bed at 9:00 PM. We were pooped.

Little did I know this would happen again 5 days later.  

Yes, I was rear ended AGAIN last Thursday.  

I was driving downtown headed to a dinner for work. I was stopped at a stop light when I heard the car behind me trying to stop, then BOOM.

"You've got to be kidding me," is all I could say over and over. Then I just had to laugh.

Luckily the impact didn't cause any new damage to the car. :) Drew was moving around and the doctor on call told me if I went straight home and monitored myself and the baby from there then I wouldn't have to go back to the hospital. Drew and I are doing just fine.

My OB nurse called the next day and said, "Please tell me this didn't happen AGAIN!" I told her they were going to put me on bed rest just to keep me out of the car! :)

We are very thankful that our entire family was protected during these incidents! Prayers for safety and for Jason and I as we prepare to meet Drew really soon. We both can't wait to hold him & tell him how much we love him, he is loved by friends and family and a Father in Heaven.