Monday, June 6, 2011

If I Ever . . .

Last Summer my friend Hannah and I tried out for American Idol. You can read about our journey HERE

We didn't make it past round 1!

I used to love this show, but don't really watch it anymore. I feel in their attempts to find the unique, they end up settling for lots of mediocre talent and sound a-likes. 

But, I still like to day dream about being on the show. Not to get famous but to experience the rush of performing in front of an audience like that!

Here are some of the songs I would sing if I was on the show:

"Turn the Page," Bob Seger
"Mary Jane," Alanis Morissette
"Barracuda," Heart
"The Story" Brandi Carlile
"Stupid" Sarah McLachlan
*My Birth Year Song, "Dirty Laundry," Don Henley OR "Faithfully," Journey, but a broken down version like, Lauren Rose's. 

A girl can dream! :)

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