Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Plot Change 10 Years in the Making

There have been few moments in my life when I've been open enough to stop talking and listen to God speak. It is not an audible voice I hear, but an overwhelming realization that He is with me and whatever He has placed on my heart & mind screams, "PAY ATTENTION!"

2 months ago, I experienced one of those moments. A passion & what I considered a calling I received at 18 collided with my 28 year old self. 

At 18, I was the same spunky, creative, goofy blonde. During that season, my heart raced for God. I sponsored my first Compassion child, spent time in solitude with Him daily and was about to begin college as a psychology major, hoping to be a counselor. My experience with my parent's divorce inspired me to help others. The death of my uncle, who was an alcoholic plagued by bi-polar disorder always haunted me. I wanted to help people who were stuck, controlled and eaten up with mental disease or addiction. I had a family friend tell me he was certain God would call me to be a missionary.

I told Jason and a few of my friends about the crazy plans I felt God had laid on my heart. But as time went on, my path changed and I thought God had shifted those dreams to someone else. 

In the Dominican this Summer, the Lord brought these dreams back to my heart. I shared them with my friend Alysha and confidently she said, "I believe this is still something God wants you to do. Don't give up."

So I didn't. 

And during a meeting when our Pastor was casting vision and sharing dreams of where Cross Point is headed, the dreams God had given me were awakened, given purpose & points of action. 

God was speaking loud and clear. 

Today, I began a new adventure at Cross Point, a place that has been our church home for 6 years & my employer for almost 4 1/2. I am now serving as the Missions Coordinator alongside Ryan Bult, Missions Pastor. I will be assisting Ryan with administrative duties, coordinating local mission opportunities in the middle TN region, & making sure the word get's out about ALL opportunities, local, regional & global that Cross Point is connected to. I will get to begin and strengthen partnerships with local ministries to meet the needs of God's people. 

My former boss jokingly says, "Miranda's leaving the creative department to be a missionary." I guess that prophesy was true. :)
I am completely confident about where God is leading me. I have been watching doors swing open and God has been pushing me to walk through them while my heels are dug in the ground! What I've learned most during this transition is that dreams, desires & instructions God gives you, demand obedience

And when He speaks, you don't want to miss it.


  1. So excited and proud of you! (and happy to have you on our side of the building!) :)

  2. Well met and Congrats! You will be fantastic. I'm very proud of you for following where He's led you.

  3. I am so excited for you and all that your heart and talents will add to Cross Point missions!! I look forward to serving in some amazing projects you and Ryan are sure to implement! I am still learning to pay attention when God speaks to me. Thanks for the reminder of what can be accomplished when you do! Congrats!!!

  4. That's awesome Miranda! So glad you're following where God is leading you and CP is open to helping you do that! You and Ryan are a great team.

  5. I have CHILLS all over my body....Oh Miranda. I am SO proud of you. I am just in love with our GOOD GOD for fulfilling not only His plans over your sweet life, but also His purposes. You better believe that I am praying for you and Jason...Love you much! Holly

  6. You are definitely going to be missed in the Creative Arts department, but GOSH, this is SO exciting for you! I'm so proud of you for following your heart and hearing God's plans for you!! I will be praying for you as you being this new journey. Love you!