Friday, January 7, 2011

Lay Still

On Tuesday, I had the 3rd MRI of my life. The 1st at age 11, the 2nd at 17, and this one at 27. All were taken in hopes of finding out why I had seizures and migraines.

My results came back NORMAL. Luckily every MRI has come back normal. I'm very thankful.

I guess after 10 years I forgot how nerve wracking this experience is. They strap your head into a mask helmet, put cushions over your ears and then place you in a tunnel where your face is only an inch from the top and the sides of your body have little room to move. 

And you are not supposed to move.

You must lay still, minute after minute.

The machine is loud as it takes pictures and if you focus on your current situation, you will panic. You have to breath deep and wait patiently for it to end.

As I lay there, still, trapped & scared, I began to think about the many times in my life when I wanted to escape the pain of a situation. I was reminded that every uncomfortable situation has a season. Some are longer than others, some a mere second and some may last our entire life. 

But there is always "an end." 

And even if the end of a situation doesn't come in this life, it will end when we see God face to face.

So, when we feel trapped and stuck, flailing our arms and screaming "Let me out!", we must take a moment to breath deep, gather our thoughts and be still. Focusing on the pain, frustration, and "the end" will cause us to panic every single time.


  1. So true Miranda. Man, you're really becoming a great writer!!

  2. I was thinking about this the other day. So true. Some days you have to focus on the big picture. Difficult situations especially can overwhelm us which I think Satan wants to happen because it paralyzes us in panic.

  3. So sorry you had to have another MRI. I hate them also! I love you! great post!!!

  4. as always your blogs make me you!n so thankful the results were normal.

  5. So poignant, Miranda!
    I think that for most of us, our first, most basic instinct when faced with an uncomfortable situation, is to run, as fast as we can.
    I had a situation a couple months ago where really wanted to run, I tried, but a good friend said that if I run, that I'm not allowing God to do the work that He wants to do in me by getting me out of my comfort zone. I wouldn't be able to grow if I ran. If I ran, the enemy wins. If I stay, God wins, but he also gets the glory of seeing the change and grown in my heart.
    I am proud of you, I love you, and I am so blessed to call you friend!