Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fish and Ponds

When I'm in my hometown, Marshall, TX, I feel like a BIG fish in a little pond when I sing.

When I'm in my new home, Nashville, TN, I feel like a little fish in an ENORMOUS pond when I sing.

After I sang at my sister's wedding last night I probably got 20 compliments on how well I did. Many people said I should have a record deal by now. That I'm a star.

I found myself telling people, "I'm just a drop in the bucket in Nashille. There are so many talented people there."

I prefer being a big fish. Why?

Because of the pat on the back. The recognition. The praise.

Because when I'm the big fish, it's all about me.

Artists crave positive feedback. If we don't hear someone say we did well, we will doubt our abities. I've got to be confident in my talent without recognition. I have to know the purpose of my talent.

I'm going to work on being a content small fish, thankful for the other small and big fish in the big pond.


  1. I'm not a singer, but I relate to this a lot!

  2. You are the prettiest, most generous, loving, encouraging, BIGGEST fish in Nashville that I know. And I'll remind you of that anytime you need me to. xo

  3. Glad you could relate Brenda!

    Megan. I love you. I hope to see you soon!