Tuesday, October 26, 2010


As a staff at Cross Point we have been reading, The Me I Want To Be by John Ortberg. This book has A LOT of great nuggets. We are all different in how we relate and experience God. Ortberg encourages you to pursue and be the best version of yourself. Not the person you want to portray or emote.

The book has partnered with a company called Monvee. Monvee has created a test that analyzes your personality type, learning style and pathway to experience God. The test also aligns you with a biblical character that is most like you.

Some of our characteristics:
-talkative, dramatic, energetic, conscientious, serious, orderly, and responsible :)
-The ability to see the best in people and meet their needs in specific helpful ways. You help them believe there is more to them than what they can even see. 
-You pride yourself on being transparent and want to be known as much as you want to know others.
-You are fearful of feeling unwanted and/or unloved, you are motivated to find ways to show love and to feel needed and wanted.
-You can spend too much time trying to impress people in order to be appreciated and find yourself working to please everyone too much.
-Spiritual Inhibitor: Pride/Self-centeredness (OUCH!)
-You may become resentful and punishing toward others if your expectations are unfulfilled.

My pathway to experience God is creation. I feel God when I am in majestic settings like the beach or the mountains, which is where I spent the past 3 days:

My learning style is classroom setting where I can take notes, listen, participate and discuss. I took lots of notes during our staff time together: 
It was good to have affirmation that these two attributes were evident during this trip. I sat outside and gazed at His creation. I felt at peace the whole time I was there. I wrote in my journal. I learned through taking notes.

I came home today, went outside with Charlie and saw this: 

I felt like God was saying, "Don't forget what you learned. Come to Me and worship Me." 

I hope to find more opportunities to enjoy His creation. I want to continue to journal like I used to as I pray and read His word. And I want to be the me God has created me to be.

I highly recommend this book as a tool for spiritual development and practices. Each book has a link with a code where you can take the Monvee test.


  1. i'm abraham too!!!!!!

  2. I'm also an Abraham. I'm not sure if that is more indicative of my personality and internal wiring or the fact that I'll be very old when I have children. :)

  3. Great post Miranda! How did I not know you had a blog???? Adding it to my favorites now.

  4. It warms my heart to watch you growing so much in this season of your life. Love you my friend.

    I need to take this test you write of to see what it says about me. The Me I Want to Be is on my list of books to read, but I think I might reread Crazy Love again first.

    Enough rambling from me. Oh and I am so excited you are blogging.