Friday, October 22, 2010

Soul Sifters

There are songs that are "go tos" on my ipod and I feel intense emotion every time I hear them. I am drawn to songs with tension and heavy lyrics.

5 of them are listed below:

Razor - Foo Fighers (Live version)
Haunting. This song has a repetitive hook until the last minute. Chaos breaks loose. Brilliant. "Sweet and divine, razor of mine."

Basket Case - Sara Bareilles
One of my new obsessions. Both Sara Bareilles albums I own are worth every penny. I can listen to every song and that rarely happens. This song reminds me of Heart and Susan Ashton. Weird combo, but I like it! 
"You got a steel train touch and I'm just a track you lay"

Do What You Have To Do - Sarah Mclachlan
I heard this for the first time at 16. It is still one of my favorite songs. 
"What ravages of spirit conjured this temptuous rage . . ."
Help Me Believe - Nichole Nordeman
10 years ago I was going through a difficult time with my family. I was desperate for comfort. I drove to a park, sat in my car and listened to this song. I just wanted to be a kid again.
"Maybe I'd see much better by closing my eyes and I would shed this grown up skin I'm in to touch an Angels wing. And I would be free. Help me believe." 

Daisy - Switchfoot
I heard this song performed live and I will never forget that moment of worship.
"Daisy, Let it Go."

What are some songs that are "go tos" on your ipod?

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