Monday, October 25, 2010

Comic Relief

It's been a year and a half since our staff has gone on a Staff Retreat. We were all excited to get away this week and spend some time brainstorming/team building in Gatlinburg.

Sometimes we forget to have fun with each another while we work and lead our ministries. My favorite part of staff retreats are the times where we laugh until our stomachs hurt!

Top Comic Relief Moments:

*On my first staff retreat we spent the day on the lake. At the time there were only 10 people on staff (crazy to think about) but we crowded into Jack's boat ready for a good time. We got the idea to boogie board, two at a time and before we knew it, we broke the boat. Jarrod and Matt were on the boogie boards when the catastrophe happened so they were stranded in the water. :)

*On my second staff retreat we went on a house boat cruise. We had a staff talent show and Tom dressed up as a woman and sang "Stop! In The Name Of Love", Ashley put on a sequined outfit and hula hooped, and sweet, quiet Chad did a skit where he played NASCAR Ned, a rowdy member of the pit crew (our favorite and the winner)!

*The last staff retreat we competed in relay races (many of us busted our tails) and we had to make a short film. The boys did a scene from Gilligan's Island (Blake was Mary Ann with a coconut bra) and the Girls did a CSI parody that involved me getting a pie in the face! 

We often find places to stay where we can sit around the fire, eating s'mores and swapping stories. Who knows what funny moments this retreat will hold! I'm excited to make many more memories with my staff family on these trips and as we work together each week at Cross Point.

The dinner bell is ringing! Time to eat some chili and Apple Barn pies! 


  1. how could you leave out the human milkshake?? ;)

  2. I was hoping everyone forgot . . . :)