Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My friend Joe Gomez is the talented photographer that captured the feature profile photo on my blog. It embodies my blog's theme so beautifully.

He has a strong eye for this craft and I have loved watching him learn and expand his creativity.

He recently sent me this edited shot from our last shoot. Makes me miss my dancing days.

He also caught this moment at our worship night.

He shot my sister Alissa's bridal portraits. They are all so pretty and fun! (I could only post this one cause it doesn't show the dress!) :)

Check out his blog and keep an eye on this dude.

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  1. Beautiful photos, Miranda! Your friend is talented! :-) And your sister, I can't place it...but she reminds me of someone famous with that smile...hmm...I'll have to think on it. But she looks amazing!