Friday, December 3, 2010

You Talkin' To Me?

We go to sleep with the TV on. I love it when the last channel we watched is Bravo and I wake up to "The West Wing" reruns. 

Today I woke up and caught the end of the Kymaro Body Shaper infomercial. :) Next up was a program called Believers Voice of Victory with Jeremy and Sarah Pearsons. I know nothing about this ministry or this couple but I decided to watch and hear what they said about Jesus. And if they begged for money. :)

They spoke about strength and beauty in the presence of the healer, which is the title of Sarah's latest album. They read from Psalms 96:1-6. They said people try to work to receive their healing but healing has already been provided for us. It is in us now. God wants to restore and heal what is invisible (soul) and what is visible (body).

While I am watching I am thinking about my head, neck and shoulders hurting. Do I have a sinus infection? My ears hurt. I need to blow my nose. All of the sudden Jeremy says, "For you that has a sinus infection, that pain in your head and neck, that whole part of your body that has been creating tension and pain, close your eyes and picture Jesus on the cross and you see that pain on Him, not on you."

Who me? He even pointed to his shoulders and up which is my pain area!

So I closed my eyes and did what he said. 

Nothing miraculous happened. But my soul was encouraged and quieted. Today I will remember that healing is in His hands and that Jesus carried that for me on the cross.

A couple of minutes later, Jeremy did ask for money, but he didn't beg. :)

I'm glad I fell asleep watching "Friends" last night. God had a plan to speak to me through channel 14.

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  1. This was a nice story! :) I fall asleep with the TV on too. Sleep timers are great.