Friday, February 4, 2011


Last night I got to see The Civil Wars perform at the Basement in Nashville. 

After the show, I was swooning over the sounds, melodies, harmonies, textures, and tones I heard. And maybe I was swooning over Joy and John too. :)

You see, there is a lot of music out there these days. A lot of good and A LOT of bad. Creative art forms will never run out of content.

There are few singers who can:

*keep consistent pitch
*sing flawlessly while making it their own

Joy Williams is one of those singers. 

And John Paul White keeps up really well. :) 

You could tell that both of them have worked on molding to the other's phrasings.

Other singers I have witnessed do this well are:

-And my friend Amanda Stott Young :)

I'll leave you with this cover The Civil Wars did last night. Being in a 90's Rock Cover band, I was totally having a moment here. :)

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  1. I just heard of them for the first time this weekend! One of their songs is free on iTunes right now. :) Good stuff.