Sunday, February 27, 2011


This post is not about sports or landing a hot guy or gal.

Tonight Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross won the Oscar for best original score for The Social Network. Take a listen to my favorite track from that movie. 
Without music, most movies would loose much of their emotional connection. 

I'll never forget the day Matt Singleton recommended I listen to a composer named Thomas Newman. Little did I know, I was already a fan of Thomas' work, Six Feet Under, Shawshank, American Beauty, The Green Mile, Pay it Forward and so on.

The reason why I like the track above and Thomas' work is because of the juxtaposition between dark and light. There is something devastating and hopeful about these songs.

I often listen to Thomas' music and think about my life.

Although it would be nice if Mr. Newman composed my life's musical score, I like sharing the role of score composer between God, myself and my friends. My Life as a Musical often looks something like this:

*Jason picking up his guitar from time to time to play and sing
*Listening to my favorite music in the car and attempting to sing like my idols
*Hearing many friends play and sing music that communicates God's love every Sunday
*Being a fly on the wall as my co-workers write songs
*Constantly having a song in my head
*Finding harmonies in every song I hear

What musical moments influence your life's musical score?

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