Friday, November 26, 2010

Creativity Is In My DNA

I had no choice.

I was born with the creative gene. 

Both of my parents are artists. Both of them are creative. 

They are excellent portrait artists and skilled painters. My dad can figure out how to fix or remodel ANYTHING! My mom is so good at decorating. You should see her home and her classroom at school.

My house is now full of artwork that my parent's have drawn.

My mom drew this when I was a baby. The original is in my Gran & PePaw's house. I love it because I look so happy! 

The next drawing was a wedding present from my dad.

I got this last one from my dad yesterday. He drew it from a picture I took a little over a month ago. I couldn't believe he finished it that quick. The detail on it is amazing!  

Although I can't draw or paint like them, I am thankful some of their talent was passed down to me. :)

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