Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Almost Skipped Thanksgiving

This weekend I wanted to start decorating for Christmas. 

When I presented this idea to Jason (I had already written it in my planner) he said, "No! You can't just skip over Thanksgiving!"

I got in the Christmas spirit because I knocked out 75% of our Christmas shopping last weekend.

And one of my love languages is gifts.

Honestly, I like buying people gifts more than receiving them. It brings me so much joy to remember something a friend or family member said they liked or wished they had. I also love the challenge of finding them something that will match their personality or style. 

I was anxious to put the Christmas tree up so I could place all my gifts under the tree. :)
But for now, I will focus my attention on turkey, dressing, congealed cranberries and family.

This is definitely a year to give thanks.

1 comment:

  1. Im itching to put up my tree and lights as well :) Happy Turkey week. Loved getting to spend so much time with you this last week!