Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today I gave my sweet friend Moriah a journal for her birthday. I encouraged her to write out her thoughts, prayers, dreams, and musical aspirations.

I had a moment of sadness giving it to her because I lost all of my journals in the flood. When I was Moriah's age my journals were all about boys. :) But as the years went by I used them to articulate my prayers, memorize scriptures and write songs. I loved to read my old journals and see where God had taken me!

I had the opportunity to sit in all the services today. I was able to let go and worship without distraction. During Blake's prayer he challenged us to praise God for the mountains we are facing.

My head was pounding. 

During the next time of praise, lines from my journal started coming back to me.

I remembered a line from a poem I wrote 10 years ago when I first started having chronic pain. I had hoped to make it into a song:

"Even though my body is battered and weak
I will not let it contain 
Your love within me."

I was thankful the Lord reminded me of the mountains I had overcome AND He is still with me on the mountains I am currently facing.

God, thank you for being SOVEREIGN.


  1. It is when we are weak, that God does His best through us, because we are out of the way. Hoping you find some relief for your pain.

  2. "I had hoped to make it into a song:
    Even though my body is battered and weak
    I will not let it contain
    Your love within me."

    Finish it=)

  3. You have a beautiful heart, Miranda. I agree with Kate. Praying God brings more back to your remembrance.