Thursday, November 4, 2010

Psychology, Music and Mass Communications

I entered college as a Psychology Major and a Music Minor. I wanted to be a counselor or a music teacher. I am terrible at math and science, so I failed miserably in my first psychology classes and theory 1. 2nd semester of my freshman year I dropped the music minor and tried to stay afloat in my psychology courses.

At the beginning of my sophomore year my mom asked if I ever thought about the media/communications field. I did some research and 2nd semester of my sophomore year I became a Mass Communications major and a Psychology minor. :)

I fell in love with the communications field. I enjoyed public relations and advertising the most and was able to use what I learned in psychology to determine target markets and trends. 

I was challenged one day with this question, "How do you expect to make a difference for Christ when you'll work in a field where ethics are constantly challenged and your job is to make things appear better than they really are?" 

Well, when you put it that way . . . I didn't have an answer. 

I graduated college in 2005 and pursued a career in the public relations field. 

No luck. 

But something happened in the Spring of 2007. I got a call from Jenni Catron at Cross Point about a job opening in the creative department.

3 1/2 years ago I started my journey at Cross Point managing and equipping the music and production teams and helping out with media/communications. I spend my days as a project manager, managing all of the marketing, print, & web jobs our department produces for the church. We help with creative direction for series. We also consult other ministry areas on how to market their events and projects. :)

I recently connected with one of my professors from OBU and was able to share that I get to use the things I studied in college in a church setting. Today I can say with confidence that my job in the mass communications field makes a difference for Christ.

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  1. So awesome! And now I finally understand what you do :)